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Francis Kong, Personal Growth and Professional Excellence Expert

It’s been a while since my blog post last week, as I was striving to organize my day-to-day life so I accomplish the things intended for each day. But now I’m back and I hope you are still here reading my posts.

I would like to introduce to you another one of my favorite mentors for personal growth. Francis Kong is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers for businesses and individuals both in the Philippines and overseas. I am so grateful for this opportunity to interview him and get to know his work, as I always look for his daily messages on his Facebook page.

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What was your career path prior to what you are doing now?

I came from the manufacturing sector. I was managing a local garments brand. I also took charge of operations for an Italian Jeans brand and held that job for about 4 years.

What situation made you decide to go more into personal growth and business success? What motivated or drove you to go into this career path?

It has been a progression of what I used to do even when I was still in the garments business. Back then I was giving seminars and talks on fashion, marketing, branding and others. I realize that people want to learn and I love the process of studying stuff and then sharing what I have learned to others.

Who are your mentors or people who helped you on your path? Who are your favorite personal growth authors, if any?

I have Dr. Peter Tanchi as my personal mentor. My other mentors are book authors like Dr. Ravi Zacharaias, C. S. Lewis, Max Lucado, Charles Swindoll for inspiration and spirituality and then John Maxwell, Jim Collins, Peter Drucker, Warren Bennis, Tom Peters and a host of others. But top of the list would be Zig Ziglar.

Aside from speaking engagements, what other services do you offer to individuals and corporations?

I do business consultancy. But mainly I do leadership training and soft skills enhancement for the key execs of our country’s (The Philippines) top business organizations.

How do you achieve balance between work commitments, family time, spiritual life, and social life? Is there even such a thing as balance in all things?

I have never embraced the concept of work-life balance as I have always considered it impractical. What I have done is to embrace work-life integration and this is why my kids are all grown up and they have never accused me of not giving them enough time. That pattern has not changed till today.

How do you know when what you are doing is in line with what God would like you to do here on Earth? Or what you do is your life purpose and that God agrees on it?

1. It doesn’t violate God’s Word.

2. I have peace within me.

3. I see the fruit of the labor.

4. I am encouraged to do more.

What would you advice our readers if they want to go on the personal growth, business success, and consulting business as you do?

Learn. Study. Be excellent at something first and then share the expertise. Do not falsify claims. Do not lie. Do not steal materials or data bases from others. Live professionally and walk with integrity. Who you are is more important than what you say. These are the essentials required from a credible speaker. And then of course improve competence.

What would you advice our readers if they want to live a purposeful life?

Love God with all of their hearts, strength, soul and might and love their neighbors as themselves. Seek to know Jesus more and to be like him every day.

For more info on his work, click below for the
Official Website of Francis Kong
Official Facebook page

Official Twitter Page

Official LinkedIn Page

He also writes a weekly column in Philippine Star newspaper and you can access it online through this link.

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