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Insight New York City Guide 2014

I’ve always wanted to travel to New York ever since I was a wee kid, and so I thought of reading travel guide books as early as now to be aware of all the places and events New York has to offer travelers like me.

First in this series of book reviews is from Insight Guides. The first time I ever knew about Insight Guides was when my honey gave me a New Zealand Travel Guide as one of the gifts in a box he sent me in 2010. Insight Guides have been publishing high-quality travel books for 40 years.

I love this guide book because it not only shows you the great places to visit, events to participate in, restaurants, shops, museums, and many more, but also the history of New York, origins of the state’s name, who were the mayors and their contributions to the state. It also mentioned 9/11 that changed New York forever. So far, this has the most number of photos among all the guide books I’ve seen, varying from panoramic two pages to 1/12 size. Since I love photos, this is my most recommended New York travel guide.

Just a sneak peak:

If you are planning to visit New York, likes to read history, and likes to see photos, then this is your go-to guide book.

For more info,

Insight Guides Official Website

Insight Guides Official Facebook

Insight Guides Official Twitter

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