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Doing Yoga With Adriene Is an Experience I’ve Been Craving For

I have always wanted to do yoga ever since my first yoga class while working at a resort and spa in Boracay Island. The reason why I love yoga is because it’s a marriage of connecting with your spirit and doing physical exercise. However, a lack of budget and fear of experiencing pain again on my body discouraged me from doing so. I knew my body was craving for yoga a long time, and so I asked a group of people on Facebook about doing yoga at home. Most people have suggested a few DVDs for me to purchase while a few actually highly recommended for me to attend a beginners class so as not to risk any injury. Fair enough.

I’ve heard this many times before by well-meaning people who have done exercise, “No pain, no gain.” However, I beg to differ on it this time because every time I experience pain on my body after the first day of any exercise class, it takes at least two days for me to recover. I had to endure it while doing my work in the office, while walking, and while doing anything else within the day. Some people may comment and say “Suck it up” or something similar. To be honest, I don’t enjoy experiencing pain at all after exercising. Not one bit. It almost always discourage me to do it. Also, the class is only held once a week for an hour, and so if I want to add another class like dancing, it would end up costing more. I did go to gym before, but unless I have a friend with me or hire a personal trainer (which would cost additional) I get bored easily and so the gym doesn’t suit me.

But when someone from that group recommended to try Yoga With Adriene through a few beginners classes, I hesitated for a few days before finally viewing the website. The first video I chose is Yoga for Complete Beginners for about 24 minutes. And I did this on Sunday morning 5th October. Although I had done yoga in the past, I still consider myself a beginner since I need to understand the names of the poses and their purposes.

The next video I chose was Bedtime Yoga for about 37 minutes. I did this on the night of 5th October.

The last video I chose was Energizing Morning Yoga for 24 minutes. I did this on the morning of 6th October.

Wow, I’m very impressed and very satisfied after doing all these sequences. I love the way Adriene introduced the viewers to the wonderful world of yoga and how she explained the poses in detail, I felt very comfortable easily. I like people who helps other people understand things. Unlike other yoga teachers I’ve experienced who felt like they are the only authority on yoga, she is just like a friend or next-door neighbor. That’s how I feel about her. She has a soothing voice. She makes you feel at ease in your own body. I truly love her personality and good vibes she brings to each yoga practice. she even calls the viewers her friends. Most importantly, I love how she recognizes that each one of us is different and that she encourages to observe, feel, and listen to his or her own body and adjust when needed. Being gentle to oneself is one of her mottos, she even suggested different poses we can do when we feel tired within the sequence itself. She never fails to remind the viewer that it’s not about doing the poses perfectly, it’s all about the experience. And doing yoga with her is indeed an experience.

She also has a series of yoga videos called Foundations of Yoga, which you can view through her YouTube channel link below this post.

What I notice is that doing yoga 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes before bedtime works best for me as a beginner at this stage. Since I’m doing this at home, I don’t have to worry about whether I wore clothes nice enough for the class, or if I had done the poses correctly. I can just relax, feel my breath, feel my body, adjust when needed, and enjoy the moment. That’s the most important thing when doing any exercise, is to enjoy it and love it. And I am indeed loving it, thanks to Adriene Louise. I sincerely hope that she is richly rewarded in all aspects of her life, including financially, so she can share her gift to the world.

If you are also looking for a wonderful experience with yoga, I highly recommend Yoga With Adriene through her website and YouTube channel, of which the links are below. If you happen to live within Austin, Texas where Adriene also lives, enroll in her private and group yoga classes by emailing her at She truly deserves it.

You may be interested to know more about her and her practice through this article from The Long Center in Austin, Texas.

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