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Works of Sculptor Max Patte at Westpac Auckland

Through an online invitation from Westpac, I went to see this sculpture and custom wall art exhibition of Max Patte, which was scheduled on the second day of the Diwali Festival (12 October) and also to celebrate Auckland Arts Week.

I did an impromptu interview with Max Patte. He moved to New Zealand about five years ago and worked for Sir Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop company as head of the sculpture department. After a few years, he decided to do his own thing and have managed to do that while working part time for Weta. He then went full time with doing his own sculpture work not long after.

The following are a few of my favorites from the said exhibition.

The Nags Head No. 1 in Black Plaster
The Nags Head No. 2 in Dental Stone
The Frolic and The Fancy series of Horse Sculptures in Cast Iron
Rest sculpture in Black Plaster
Ad Infinitum custom board with light and art
Bloom custom board in glitter
Life size Weeping Man sculpture made through sepia bronze laser cut acrylic panels
A New You custom board acrylic art
Close up of A New You 1
Close up of A New You 2
Cosmic Rose custom board acrylic art
Close up of Cosmic Rose
Forevermore custom board with light and art
ForeverMore custom board art in glitter
Below is a video of the Vibrational Pulse Custom Board Light and Acrylic Art Piece

For serious art and sculpture afficionados and collectors who don’t mind spending lots of money, then this is the artist to look out for. Fore more info, visit his website

You might be interested to know more about him through these online articles:

Wellington’s Sculptor to the Stars, by Dominion Post

Homeowner Profile: Max Patte, by Urbis Magazine

New Zealand Design Blog’s Feature on Max Patte’s House

Description of his sculpture Solace of the Wind in Wellington

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