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It’s Definitely More Fun To Travel, Relax, and Explore in the Philippines

Mabuhay and hello world! Are you planning on visiting Southeast Asia? Or still thinking where to visit this year or next? Why don’t you try going to the Philippines this time? In this post I am featuring a series of TV ads created by the Department of Tourism through its The Philippines Official Facebook Page so can see that despite a lack of travel brochures in travel agencies around the world, lack of general awareness as to its location, and also a lack of good infrastructure, the Philippines is still one of the best places in the world to travel and explore.

Official Logo of the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Campaign. Courtesy of Department of Tourism Philippines

Even when these ads below are featured in international TV only for a short time, the Filipinos make up for it by being the friendliest people in the world. They are indeed the world’s ambassadors, making sure every tourist feels at home. So have a look at all these videos, and hopefully these will help entice you to come explore the Philippines.

The first video is a summary of the rich history, culture, the wonderful flora and fauna, and stunningly breathtaking natural wonders that call the Philippines home.


The second video features “Parking. It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

Third video features the tarsier, considered one of the smallest primates in the world, usually found in Bohol.

Fourth video is about the opinions of the Filipinos on why it’s more fun to visit the Philippines

Moving house. More fun in the Philippines

Having sleepless nights is more fun in the Philippines

For those with partners who’d like to ask the most important question in the world, it’s indeed much better to show it in a grand way, in Boracay Island.

If you’d like to volunteer for good causes, much better to do it in the Philippines.

The Filipinos around the country saying a big “Thank You” to all the visitors

This TVC features Boracay as the Asia’s 24/7 Island

Featuring Davao as the place to explore and relax

Featuring Manila as the capital of fun

Diving in Cebu, Philippines indeed more fun to do
Bohol has more than a thousand Chocolate Hills, and then some

Not knowing where to book your trip to the Philippines? Here are some helpful links.
It’s More Fun in the Philippines Official Website
Uncharted Philippines Official Website
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