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Lessons Learned from Losing My Computer Files

It’s been a while since my last post about the things I went through the past few weeks.

After my old laptop’s screen froze and suddenly turning off, I thought that like last time I had it fixed, the computer company will be able to retrieve the info and transfer to a new hard disk. But alas, they cannot as the hard disk has something faulty in it and so cannot retrieve my files. They could’ve done it as soon as I knew the screen started freezing, they said. How shall I know that when the last time I visited, they didn’t tell me what to look out for and what to do when it happens? However, it’s also my fault I didn’t regularly back up my files on the external hard drive. It took me many days actually for the situation to actually sink into my mind that unless I can fork out a few thousand dollars to retrieve those files, I may not be able to get all of them back. My body was reacting in a sort of denial because I had no computer for many days. To be honest, I did cry for the loss but not as long as I used to do.

Part of me was thinking that maybe the files that I lost, I actually didn’t need them because I haven’t used them for a while. However, a part of me was also lamenting the fact that I had audio files of personal growth program and music where I paid a fee to download them that it felt like I wasted my money.

And so began the inevitable search for a new computer. I was searching in various company and price comparison websites, wondering which brand I should get. I even searched which are the best brands. It can get stressful at times, especially for a technically challenged person like me that a few times I had to get away and not think about anything laptop-related until I am ready to get back into researching online. Despite that, I do need to understand the basics of what I need in a laptop, and these are just a few things I’ve learned while researching for it. One, find out what I’m gonna use the laptop for, not only for now but also in the future. Second, the most important things to look out for are processor speeds and the type of processor embedded into the laptop, at least for how I’m using the Internet. The size of the hard disk is also important but that depends on whether or not an external hard drive has been purchased prior. Third, research which brands are most trusted worldwide not only by the experts but also by asking people what they like about the laptops they carry and how long they’ve been using it. Fourth, take the time in researching options.

And so I’ve decided to get a fairly expensive laptop that will hopefully last longer, and applied for interest-free finance for 12 months. The price I got is actually the lowest quoted among all the companies. My partner is now a bit jealous that I have a much flasher computer than his, but for how I use the internet, I’m much better off having this type of laptop.

No Mistakes

I also learned a few life lessons along the way. While I got my order sorted with a staff member, I had to learn to be patient as I filled out both the paper and online finance forms. I’m not usually good at waiting, but this one I’ve really learned to wait. I’m usually grumpy when it takes longer than expected for the staff member to complete the transaction, but for this one, since I was more excited about getting a new computer, I was talking to that same lady. She told me that she has the same computer as I have now, and it took her many hours to figure out how to use it. But now she’s loving it. I also discovered her name through her nameplate which I told her is very unique and according to her is Middle Eastern in origin. It’s been a few days since I brought the new laptop home, but so far I like it.

I also got a new mantra, which is “There could be worse.” Indeed, there could be worse things happening out there than the ones I’m experiencing. I’m grateful that I did have back up some files on the external hard drive. Maybe this is why it didn’t feel like a total loss to me. Also, I did ask the Universe to please help me think on the positive side of things most of the time so I can cope much better, learn and move on much faster. I love writing so much, I will continue writing from my heart and soul. It’s through writing that helps me cope. It’s through writing that helps me face life again and pick up the pieces. It’s through writing that helps me gain new and better perspective on things. Challenges, disappointments, loss may crush me on the outside, but they cannot crush my soul.

It’s hard to lose the very thing I’ve gotten attached to for years, but this situation has taught me to not get too attached to things and focus on what really matters in life. I yearn to continue writing, learning, and enjoying the journey, and I wish for you to enjoy your own journey too, whatever you’re facing right now.

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My name is Charica Roche, a writer, food lover, adventure seeker, color addict, and curious-driven person who truly believes in personal and spiritual growth. Writing helps me become a better person because it makes me feel grounded and it encourages me to be honest about things. Currently based in New Zealand, I'm constantly searching for and following my curiosities through books, art, music, dancing, and other aspects of a life well-lived through my own terms.

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