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First Visit to the Enchanted Forest and Santa’s House

I had the opportunity to visit Santa and his Enchanted Forest for the first time. I went on midday initially thinking there may be a long queue waiting. Luckily, according to the fairies and pirates, there weren’t many people that time. So I went to the sixth floor as instructed, and Wow, it looked amazing! It felt like I was a kid again seeing heaps of Christmas trees, lights, dioramas with moving puppets, ornaments or trinkets. Even when those trees are not real ones, for a moment I felt like I were indeed in a forest at night, wandering, staring at all these trees with the lights guiding my way, the puppets entertaining me, and Christmas music playing above all these with just the right sound level and quality to get lost in your own thoughts.








At the end of the forest were two young people guarding the red sliding door with a small window. When it opened, it looked unbelievable, magical by itself. Red and white colors were the theme of Santa’s room. Was talking to Santa for a few minutes, then he asked me to sit on his lap so someone can take a picture of us. He then gave me a round red tree ornament.


So if you have kids or yourself a kid at heart, then you may not want to miss Santa at the sixth floor of Smith and Caughey’s in Queen Street. To be honest, these pictures don’t give justice to the magic that is the Enchanted Forest and especially with Santa this festive season. If you are based outside of New Zealand reading this, I’m sure Santa is there visiting nearest where you live.

If you’d like to see Santa without the hassle of crowds and queues, see more info on dates and times. The sooner you go see Santa, the better.

I encourage you to share your experiences of meeting Santa, wherever you are in the world.

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