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Book Review: #GirlBoss, by Sophia Amoruso

Wow, this book I finished reading in just two days. Yes, two days. It may be 239 pages long, but the book is full of spunk just like the author herself and also full of advice I’d like to apply in my own life.

Sophia Amoruso is the owner and CEO of women’s fashion website Nasty Gal. If you haven’t heard of this company before, so have I. I forgot how I came across this book, but it’s always thanks to Google I get to discover people like her. Coming from a background of never fitting in, diagnosed with ADHD, and later on shoplifting to earn money, she learned lessons along the way that led her to creating Nasty Gal initially through eBay, and now growing rapidly within just 8 years. According to her, the name Nasty Gal came from the album and song title by Betty Davis, and how she unapologetically dresses herself during her time. In sexy lingerie and black stockings. I listened to the song on YouTube, but actually it’s not to my liking.

The book contains techniques on how to unashamedly talk about money, from haggling or asking for discounts to asking for a salary increase. How to write a cover letter and resume that will get a potential employer’s attention. She also shares her views on spending and credit cards, and how it’s still wise to live within your means. She actually admitted to being an introvert and how she has come to love the advantages of it.

I so admire this lady after reading the book, I now have great respect for people who have defied all odds and despite not-so-good experiences that they are able to become successful through hard work and loving what they’re doing.

Below are just some of my favorite Amorusms (my invention based, of course, from Sophia’s last name Amoruso) from the book:

Life is short. Don’t be lazy.

Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.

There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.

Keep your promises.

Treat your thoughts like your dollar bills. Don’t waste them.

Working in fashion is not an extended trip to the mall.

Treat your savings account just like another bill.

If you love reading books, especially memoirs and personal growth, then this book is perfect. If not, however, I would still recommend it simply because of the advice on how to navigate life. It applies to everyone, whether you’re still studying, just starting out at work, or have been working in a company or your own business for many years. She brought it all home to me through this book, and I’m glad I trusted my curious nature to see what it was all about.

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