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NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette by Nathan W. Pyle

As I was researching online for more books to read, I chanced upon “NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette” by Nathan W. Pyle. It’s a book of illustrations about how to make the most of your trip to New York.


Now I’ve read reports of New Yorkers having pet peeves towards tourists, despite their reputation as being friendly. I initially thought it ridiculous for them to voice out such opinions through newspapers and blogs. Until I read this book. I never encountered a book like this before. Pretty clever that the author has a knack for illustrating these tips in a funny way. Most interesting of all is the fact that he graduated with a degree in theology. Below is just two of about 136.


I think this book would also be very helpful for those who do decide to make New York their new home. This can be read within few hours. I’m not usually a visual type of person, but this one I will definitely remember.

Have you visited or lived in New York? What are your experiences like? Feel free to share by commenting below. There’s no need to log in.

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