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Denize Knaap of Brazilian Wax Xpress

My first few experiences with body waxing were not good. My first ever treatment with Rubywaxx in an Auckland city location was expensive and their ingrown prevention product hurt, didn’t realize this until I went to Beauty Co in LynnMall. The experience was a bit better, but the last visit in that salon was not good due to the wax deeming too hot for my body to bear. I chanced upon Brazilian Wax Xpress or BWX when I bought an online voucher from GrabOne. I’ve been a customer here for a few years now, and got along with the owner Denize and all current and past employees that I now treat them as friends.

Because of this, aside from the fact she offers reasonably priced treatments, good quality service, and the best Brazilian wax aftercare products ever, I suggested to interview her for my blog.

What sparked your interest in waxing?

When I was young I was continually teased about the dark hair on my legs. As I grew older, having dark hair on my legs upset me, and I did everything I could find out there to eradicate the dark hairy growth. When I was offered training I jumped at the chance to learn so that I could wax myself. That is where it started.

When did you realize this would be a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge to others by establishing a business?

I would probably say when my children were in their teens, I finally had the freedom to explore my business to the full, and Brazilian waxing had pretty much arrived in New Zealand at around the same time. I saw this as a great opportunity to teach myself how to do this, and it went from there.

Did you take waxing lessons or did you teach yourself the techniques?

I was taught by a company that made the wax. They had a teacher that came to the salon and she taught us there.

Let’s talk about your Brazilian wax aftercare products awesomely named Bikinilicious. First of all, they are the best in my opinion. How did the idea for those products came about?

Aftercare for ingrowns was something that was born from most of my clients complaining about ingrown hairs and how they could reduce this. So hence it was a seed in my mind that grew, as there was nothing available that worked on the market.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.19.36 am

This is the waxing aftercare product I truly love. Made of finest natural ingredients, you will surely love this as much as I and many of Denize’s customers do. Photo taken from website

Are they now available for purchase outside of your wax salon?

Yes I do sell from my home-based salon business and through the website.

What’s your advice for those who want to pursue their interests or passions?

I believe that all people that have a dream, passion, or deep interest for something, they should delve deep into their ideas or thoughts about product or service and see if it is something that people want or need. First up pretty much research about it, then if there is a market for that idea, follow this through and put into motion. It doesnt have to cost a fortune to do this. With the Brazilian waxing it is what women wanted. I was already waxing so it was fairly easy for me to see that the craze overseas was doing well and I just went from there and taught myself the art of Brazilian waxing. With my ingrown product it took me several years for it to come to fruition. I took each step and paid for it as I went along.

Here are few photos of the waxing salon.





Brazilian Wax Xpress

Auckland: 272 Mount Albert Road (corner of Huntingtree Avenue), Sandringham, Auckland

Whangarei: 9 Sierra Ave, Kamo, Whangarei 0112

For more info, visit the website. You can even book for appointments here.

Follow BWX on Facebook and Twitter.

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