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How To Create Your Very Own Travel Vision Board

Ever since I got my US visitor visa in 2015, I have created my very own travel vision board. I’ve read for years that to have a vision board of what you want to manifest in your life would help make your dream come true faster because you are showing the universe you are serious about it.

And here are some ideas on how to create your own.

1.) Decide first which city, country, or continent you are very interested in. Narrow down your choices

2.) Personally visit travel agencies and get a few printed brochures there.

Please note that when you visit travel agencies’ offices in person, do not ignore the travel agent when they greet you. Instead, start asking a few questions if you can get a few brochures for your itinerary. Even if you’re not planning to travel now, just act as if you’re indeed planning to go somewhere within the next few months. Just grab a few brochures so other customers have a chance of getting their own copies too. Then you can go to other agencies and grab a different set. Do this within a space of a few days in between so you don’t seem like a hoarder.

3.) Another option is to request travel brochures online.

If you rather prefer to save face, it’s much better to request them online through the many tour companies that offer different travel packages. Some companies would allow you to request all of their brochures, while others only allow for 2 to 3 brochures at a time. In that case, fill up the form each time. There’s no harm in requesting brochures online because they are free and it’s part of their marketing campaign to promote more tours and eventually earn more money.

Different companies offer different things to different people. For those 18 years to 30 plus, there’s ContikiTopdeckG AdventuresTucan Travel, and Geckos Adventures. For those who want to travel with anyone from any age group, there’s Intrepid TravelWendy Wu ToursOn the Go Tours, and Go Way. For older travelers and luxury escorted tours, there’s TrafalgarInsight VacationsPeregrine AdventuresGlobus Journeys. There’s also affordable tours such as those offered from Cosmos.

NOTE: Numbers 2 and 3 options only apply if your country has a paper recycling system in place because at this stage we should start caring for the environment.

4.) Third option is to get travel photos from Google Search, Facebook or Instagram pages. Be ethical though and ask permission from the owners of these photos and promise you will use them for your travel vision board and for a slideshow in your computer (more on that later). Save them in a folder that’s easy for you to see and access.

5.) Start preparing the things you need for this project. Choose a board you’re most comfortable working in and that looks good overall. Depending on the material the board is made of, buy glue stick or double-sided tape. About a pair of scissors, choose one that’s the right size for your hand. And the handle must be of the right size too, otherwise you will hurt your thumb, as what I did now I’m starting on another travel vision board.

6.) Start cutting the photos. If there are multiple photos of one famous landmark or place but taken in different angles, just cut them up anyway. You will get to decide which one of them to put on the board.

7.) Now for how you want your travel vision board to look like. Some brochures have quotes on travel you can choose to include. Otherwise, put the photos on the board however and whatever way you want. You can include photos of yourself, with your partner, or with your family to make it more real to you. If you have children old enough to do things with you, this can be one of those you can do together. You can ask a friend if you want to. Put on some music. The idea is to have fun with it. You don’t have to finish it within the day, unless there’s nothing else you want to do. You can finish it within a few days, a week, a month, as long as you finish it soon.  It can take a few hours to do this but if you make it fun, it will be easy.

8.) Once you finish making it, take a few photos and upload to your computer so you can create a slideshow of screensavers. Especially when you bring the laptop with you, it’s good to have something to remind you of and keep yourself on track. And then you can move on to another project or another travel vision board.

I’ll show you a few photos of what my own US travel vision board looks like:

My own photo

My own photo

US Vision Board Part 2

My own photo

My own photo

My own photo

Share your experiences of your own vision board by commenting below this post or by following me on social media.

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