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The Power of Writing

I’ve been writing ever since I started writing diaries or journals during high school. That experience led me to write a few articles for a magazine and two newspapers in my hometown. Now that I have this blog, it has allowed me to expand into more things to discover within myself and what’s around me. Also helps me expand into other possible areas I can share my work with. Psychologists make writing part of their recommendations to their clients because they know the many benefits that come from it.

So if you have written something but is not consistent, here are the other reasons why you should get back on it.

1.) Helps release anything you’re feeling at that moment

Through writing it helps you not only revisit your past but also analyze and learn from it. It is so powerful because it helps you to finally be set free from all the emotional baggage. I also recommend reading my post about letting go.

2.) Express the side of you that you may not want to reveal to others in person

Some opinionated people prefer to voice out their opinions through social media. It may or may not work, as in the case of Natalia Kills and Willy Moon who were booted out of X Factor New Zealand due to their nasty comments on one contestant. I, on the other hand, prefer the safety and comfort of writing through my notebooks and my blog. As long as what I say benefits other people in a positive way, I write and publish it. Even at the risk of offending some people, there’s always a way to say and write things where people will still be receptive of what you’re saying.

3.) Makes you feel at home with yourself

The more you know about yourself through writing, the more you accept yourself. You can think about what you want to achieve and how to get there. You also know which ones you need to improve or work on.

4.) Makes you mindful of what matters the most

Each of us has different priorities, and writing can help you identify the most important ones for you. Writing to-do lists, bucket lists, or any other lists would help you achieve those goals and manage your time wisely. Doing this would also help you accomplish many things within the day.

5.) Encourages asking the right questions

Since writing involves thinking about what you want to say, it also follows that you need to ask the right questions, both for yourself and the one you’re speaking to or interviewing with.

6.) Makes you feel alive and happy

Just the same as physical exercise, writing activates the happiness genes that would make you smile for the rest of the day. Especially when you have a day job that’s different to your passion, you can do this before going to work or before going to bed.

So the next time you feel the urge to write, just do it. Have a notebook and pen in your bag or in your office table so that you have it ready.

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  1. I love handwriting! I still take all my work notes on a writing pad, and love writing and sending cards and letters 🙂 Such a good point about making you mindful.


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