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Saudade by Thievery Corporation

The first time I heard of Thievery Corporation was while Shazaming a song either on TV or on my laptop. If you don’t know what Shazaming means, it’s simply the verb version of Shazam, a smartphone app that you can use when you like a particular tune and want to find out immediately what the song title is. You can actually use it anywhere as long as there’s Internet access on your phone. Anyway, the song title I first heard from this group is “Facing East,”, and here’s a video of it from YouTube. Now the name of the group sounds interesting but if you can get past the name and listen to the album, you will love it. According to Google Translate, “saudade” is a Portuguese word meaning “nostalgia.” The sound of the entire album is reminiscent of bossa nova, which I’m now a fan of, despite belatedly discovering after listening to the “Eat Pray Love” soundtrack. Bossa nova literally means new wave or new trend, and is a type of Brazilian music that combines samba …

Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto Tour Book

This is Coldplay’s 2012 tour book Mylo Xyloto. it contains the lyrics of songs from their album of the same name, interviews with all band members, including their “fifth member” Phil Harvey, sound engineer Dan Green and their official on-road blogger Roadie # 42. A big sized tour book similar to the vinyl record cover, it’s a very colorful look into how they put everything together for the tour. For more info, please visit the band’s official website