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10 Ways To Take Great Care of Yourself

I have asked this question a few times this year. From where I grew up, I was taught to take care of other people first before myself. Although I’ve started doing the things I love, there’s always room for improvement with regards to the self-care section. The list below is a combination of my readings from various websites and my own experiences. 1.) Start prepping for bed when you feel sleepy, when your head is drooping, when you’re yawning, or any other signal from your body. I’ve put this at the top of this list because sleeping sometimes is the last thing on our minds. Listening and being aware or mindful of your own body’s cues really helps you be in tune with your own health. This TED video has helped me realize what the body is actually doing while we’re sleeping. If reading, yoga, meditation, writing, or any other relaxing endeavor will help you prep for bed, then by no means do it. 2.) Wash and moisturize your face, floss and brush your teeth every morning and …